I promised some people a postcard but I haven’t seen postcards in my part of Bolivia yet. So now I’ll write it in my blog. This is a postcard 🙂

For: Giulia, Cecilia, Yasmina, Zuzanna, Kamila, Stefan, Lilla, Daniel, Verena, David

To: Italy, Germany, England, Hungary, Canada

Buenos Dias,

how are you?

Bolivia is too hot for me by day and too cold during the night. I’m sick a lot and had to do a lot of stressful paperwork. Still, I love it here. The landscape changes very quickly and is definitely worth seeing. The people I’ve met so far are very nice and helpful – even without knowing the language I get by pretty good. Besides, I make pretty good progress with the language – so everything is fine. The food is with a lot of meat and sometimes simply godlike.

relaxed greetings from southamerika,