Followup: All Saints

On All Saints is a big celebration en Bolivia. One day before, so Tuesday, the 31.10 people bake creativ bread. Often shaped like a ladder to make it easier to reach heaven or like a horse to carry the things of the deceased. But one can form their Bred as they wish. At the Centro Social we made bread too. Amongst others, I made a turtle, a star, a music note and a dragon. It was super fun.

During the Afternoon one could go to the houses that had a black-purple garland on their door. There one could pray for the dead and get some bead for it. But since it felt kinda strange we quickly stopped doing it.

On All Saints Day the graves on the graveyard were decorated and tables with gifts were set up. Bread, cake, fruits, sweets and sometimes also soft drinks and toys. For praying at a grave one got something of the table, mostly bread. And almost everywhere one got a bowl with Chicha. That’s a kind of corn beer that is typical for this region. At close of day I had a sunburn, a bag full of bread (and one pineapple) and drunk a bit much?.

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