Followup: All Saints

On All Saints is a big celebration en Bolivia. One day before, so Tuesday, the 31.10 people bake creativ bread. Often shaped like a ladder to make it easier to reach heaven or like a horse to carry the things of the deceased. But one can form their Bred as they wish. At the Centro Social we made bread too. Amongst others, I made a turtle, a star, a music note and a dragon. It was super fun.

During the Afternoon one could go to the houses that had a black-purple garland on their door. There one could pray for the dead and get some bead for it. But since it felt kinda strange we quickly stopped doing it.

On All Saints Day the graves on the graveyard were decorated and tables with gifts were set up. Bread, cake, fruits, sweets and sometimes also soft drinks and toys. For praying at a grave one got something of the table, mostly bread. And almost everywhere one got a bowl with Chicha. That’s a kind of corn beer that is typical for this region. At close of day I had a sunburn, a bag full of bread (and one pineapple) and drunk a bit much?.

Alone, alone

I am alone at the Centro Social since Sunday, the 10.12.                                                                                                    Sofia, the other volunteer was only here for 3 months. And they are over now. At first, it was a bit lonely but by now it’s ok. I’m looking forward to Christmas, the cookies that have been baked already, and I’m planning my trip to the Salar de Uyuni on New Year’s Eve.

Also, since I’ve been busy, had a bad internet connection – or simply too lazy to write ? – I gotta update my blog. Which means writing a lot of followup’s (even some from October). I’ll try to write a bit more the next few days.


I promised some people a postcard but I haven’t seen postcards in my part of Bolivia yet. So now I’ll write it in my blog. This is a postcard 🙂

For: Giulia, Cecilia, Yasmina, Zuzanna, Kamila, Stefan, Lilla, Daniel, Verena, David

To: Italy, Germany, England, Hungary, Canada

Buenos Dias,

how are you?

Bolivia is too hot for me by day and too cold during the night. I’m sick a lot and had to do a lot of stressful paperwork. Still, I love it here. The landscape changes very quickly and is definitely worth seeing. The people I’ve met so far are very nice and helpful – even without knowing the language I get by pretty good. Besides, I make pretty good progress with the language – so everything is fine. The food is with a lot of meat and sometimes simply godlike.

relaxed greetings from southamerika,


Pancakes ?

I made pancakes today. It went great.

I’ve got to say I’m very pleased with the result. ^^

Santa Cruz

Wednesday and Thursday was an introductory seminar in Santa Cruz (we already had 2 in Germany, each for a week) with other volunteers from the BKHW.

I didn’t really get any new information out of it, but because there were Bolivians who gave us some advice it was still helpful ?. The other volunteers are pretty nice, it was great :). The temperatures were with 34°C in Spring alarming. I’m already afraid of summer •~•. Thursday evening we left for Cochabamba by bus,  where we arrived Friday morning.


When we arrived in Santa Cruz on tuesday evening I was pretty wiped out and glad when our luggage was stored on the buses and we could start driving. I almost fell asleep on the ride but what I still noticed about Bolivia was that the traffic here is pure madness. They just honk for everything, the actual four roadways become five or six, and they moderately keep the direction of the roadways and the traffic lights. I couldn’t grasp more on my first day.

All the best, dad

Today is my dad’s birthday. Because I can’t be with him on a day this important I’m now sending my greetings over from Bolivia. Happy birthday dad and I hope they celebrate you.

I love you ♡



My flight started in Frankfurt and went over Madrid to Santiago in Chile. From there went a flight to Iquique (also Chile) and the last flight ended in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

The first Flight went over the Andes Mountains and it was a very nice view.

The food on board was similar to Taizé food. So edible 🙂

I could only see a little bit of Chile from the Airport and it looked like a desert.

It felt like I landed somewhere in the middle of nowhere – an interesting experience.

It’s starting

And the airplane takes off. Monday evening, 19:25 pm.

A great last view on Germany.

And a great view on the Andes Mountains too, during our first Flight towards Chile.

1 day before the departure

From tomorrow on i’ll be abroad for one year and i’m becoming more and more nervous.
I woke up pretty early today and couldn’t fall asleep again – but maybe that was good because there is still a lot I have to do. Who would have thought that packing and cleaning my room would take so much time when you have to plan ahead for a whole year.